What Makes door county soaps so special?

All of our soaps are made by hand and entirely from natural ingredients. Commercially processed soaps contain petroleum-derived detergents and aren't even really soap at all. They actually dry out your skin! In contrast, our soaps are gentle to your skin, and contain saponified oils of Coconut, Palm, Shea, and Olive. Even the fragrances for each of our soaps come from nature: essential and fragrance oils, mineral oxide colors and bits of herbs and flowers.

is door county soaps an environmentally friendly company?

Absolutely! In fact, that is the cornerstone of our mission. Each year we continue to source and evaluate the highest quality ingredients for the health and safety of our customers. Essential and fragrance oils are used to produce our natural soaps, which are free of Phthalates and Petrochemicals,gluten and vegan. Non-detergent and free of surfactants, our products are safe for the environment and biodegrable. No plastic microbeads are used, only natural herbs, flowers, fruits and Jojoba oil beads. Minimal packaging and/or recyclable materials are used as often as possible.

New continuous improvements to our product line include the addition of organic and sustainably farmed Palm oil to reduce the demand and destruction of the world's tropical forests. In our company's 13 year history, we have been wholly committed to being kind to our world and its creatures.

What if I have extra sensitive skin? Which of your soaps would work best for me?

While all of DC Soaps are gentle, you probably would want to try our Oatmeal bar soap, which is both fragrance and color free. It is made with bits of oatmeal which is both nourishing and moisturizing. We've heard wonderful feedback from customers who have credited our Oatmeal soap with clearing up their eczema and psoriasis. And that nothing cleans skin better than handmade soap as many dermatologists recommend.