Door County Soaps
Pure Simple Natural "Genuine Lather" - The Handmade Difference

Generations ago, our Great Grandma Stute used to stir up huge batches of soap in an outdoor kettle from all the various fats saved over the course of the year. It took her all day to complete the batch over a wood fire.

After our grandma Stute passed away, “Ma” started making soap too, but Ma made it inside the homestead on the stove and in much smaller batches. She even used thinly shaved soap in her wringer washer.

Sandy Stapleton, the owner of Door County Soaps was intrigued by her family's tradition of making soap and began combining her artistic talents, with her years as a nutritionist and a background in chemistry as a way to continue the family tradition.

It is a lot different today, although we are still carrying on the tradition, our handmade soaps are pure, gentle and nourishing to your skin. We combine Olive oil to create a natural moisturizer; Coconut oil to produce our “Genuine Lather”; and Palm oil for our effective cleanser. We hand-make, hand-cut, and hand-package each bar of soap. At Door County Soaps our mission is to provide you with handmade soaps, salts, lotion, gels, and sprays that will pamper you for a long time.

Learning to “soap” for Sandy has been an evolutionary process ever since. Sandy's goal: using only Natural, (and whenever possible), Organic ingredients from the earth to make the healthiest skincare products possible. Over time, her ongoing research and meticulous testing have resulted in an all natural soap line rich in exotic butters, (such as Shea, Coconut, Olive, and Palm), and fragrant essential oils. Sandy has also built a comprehensive All Natural Skin Care line, which likewise uses only the finest possible, natural ingredients. Her Skincare line includes lip balms, cleansers, toners, rich moisturizers and restorative facial and eye serums.

Gradually, Sandy has branched out into other key product categories, such as Dead Sea Bath Salts, Himalayan Salt Scrubs, rich body polishes, butters and lotions. She has also recently introduced a new Natural Home Care line, with fragrant Castile liquid soaps and linen and room sprays made from essential oils. Door County Soaps are made in small batches. The soap batches are carefully mixed, cured, cut and wrapped by hand for your bathing enjoyment. There are no chemical stabilizers added to Door County Soaps. Natural variances in sizes, shapes and colors are part of the uniqueness of handmade soap.

All Door County Soaps products are created, formulated and handmade for you to enjoy, relax and pamper yourself!

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